Forge World Yasin: Victor Extremis!

Victor Extremis Forgeworld Yasin Warlord TitanThis guy already played a brief role in our Rausina campaign and was used during the ConflictX in Berlin. He is Inquisitor Lucius personal battle conveyance produced by the venerable Forgeworld Yasin in the Gemstone Reaches. This forge has been sealed of from the rest of the Imperium and became very progressive (some would call it heretic) in pursuing own versions of trusted std designs. Their fabrication capacity, relying heavily on manual labor thus is very limited but the results are very special. This battle titan is an equivalent of a classical warlord class with the specialty that all four weapon locations are in the arm mounts. It carries a CCW-Powerfist and a 4 barrel Plasmagun on the left arm mount and a Multilasercanon and a Meltercannon on the right arm. In addition to this, two twinlinked lascannons provide a sting against selected smaller targets.

Straßenkampf und Stadtgebäude Teil1: Der Rohbau

Und mit der luftverlastbaren imperialen Bastion für die Planetaren Invasionen bastel ich auch noch an den Häusern aus einer Imperialen Sektor Box. Hier war auch die Frage wie viele Strukturen bekomme ich aus dieser einen Kiste gebaut. Dabei sollte es auch nicht nur Ruinen ergeben. Hier das Ergebnis der Rohbauten:

Mein erstes 40K Gebäude

Mein erstes 40K Gebäude


Mein erste 40K Gebäude

Ich dachte mir für das erste Gebäude fange ich mit der klassischen Straßenfrontruine an. Da die Administratum Sprues am häufigsten vorlagen, wurde es dann auch eine Verwaltungsgebäude Ruine.

Als zweites wollte ich dann aber auch gleich mal ein vollständiges Gebäude ohne größere Beschädigungen entwerfen. Dafür nutze ich dann eine Mischung der Sprues. Die großen Tore und der Turm können vielen Andeuten. Lagerschuppen, Garage, Feuerwehr, Tempel. Auf dem Tisch kann ich das zweite Gebäude also sehr vielseitig, auch für nicht Stadtkämpfe, einsetzen:

Tempel, Garage, Feuerwehr?

Tempel, Garage, Feuerwehr?

Gebaeude 2 hinten

Das dritte Gebäude wurde dann gleich passend dazu ein kleines Generatorium. Auch die wollte ich um es in normalen Schlachten als sinnvolle Victory Location nutzen zu können “unversehrt” bauen.


Getting ready to receive Planetary Assault!

In einem Anfall von Bastelwahn hab ich nun eine Aegis Defence Line und eine Imperial Bastion gebaut. Während die Aegis Linie ja ein nettes kleines Geländeteil ready for Planetary Assaultist, besonders kaufenswert dank des hydraesken Vierlings, ist die Bastion ein echter Knaller. Diese hier is nur deshalb so wie sie Out-of-the-box kam, weil die Regeln für Gefechtstaktiken in Planetare Sturmlandungen dies so  vorschreiben. Natürlich nur wenn man die Basis luftverlastbar machen will um sie dem Feind in die Schlachtordnung zu hauen. Dies ist aber genau mein Plan.

Sonst ist der Bausatz von der gewohnten GW Qualität und gar nicht so schrecklich teuer. Dafür ist alles so modular aufgebaut, daß man sich schon richtig benhmen muss nicht 5 Bastionen zu kaufen um diese dann alle zu einer riesigen Festung zusammen zu bauen. Das ist dann aber auch ein Projekt was definitiv auf die Liste kommt. Vielleicht zum Abschluss der Rausina Nachfolgekampagne, die nun in Arbeit ist.

Planet:Il Nizinite III

A forlorn desert world with no big settlements. The few hardy survivors of this frontier world scrap a living out of hunting for pre heresy relics in the concentrical cities that are located on every continent and in every dried up sea-basin of Nizinite. These are descendants of imperial settlers having left their old squalor to form an “efficient agricolony on a lush and lovely agri planet Nizinite III in the reaches.”

In their tracktruck convoys these nomads form tribes that fight each other about the rights of access to the desert cities. Staying in them for prolonged time is considered to bring the wrath of the emperor down on them. Even if the Adeptus Terra has the planet as imperial on file there is very few ingredients to an imperial word. No central government, no direct tithe. Only the Ecclesiarch of Clinohumite is thinking about taxing the treasure hunters buy having an in system patrol that establishes the sovereignty of Clinohumite over the nearby Nizinite System.

Rausina 23: Victory to the Dark Gods!

“Tzeentch misled the enemy as to our strength!

Slaanesh seduced them to strike without thinking!

Khorne led us to spill their blood!

Nurgle will fester in their wound and open the it for the glory of chaos undiveded to spread though the rapture in space we are about to conceive!

All glory to the Gods of Chaos!”

Vanetsch through his microphone to one of the many servants on the bridge of his capital ship.

The gods had made victory hard, he had only barely survived. The ship was clinging on to reality on its last threads and it would take hours and thausands of slaves to put out all the fires and get steering again.

The alliance of the corpse emperor, slaneeshs playtoys and the naive and unknowing was down on its knees. He Lord Vanetsch, glorious leader of the undivided Battlefleet and Emmisarry extraordinanry of his pestilensic majesty would make sure that everyone on the puny iceball called Rausina would know it. They would canker the glory of Nurgle, and then the planet would be ripped into the nether, opening the floodgates to let chaos straight into the gemstone reaches!

Rausina 23: Rausina has to Fall

Spilling blood on the ground is a sastisfying thing. Praising the Lord Khore in all it Glory. The warmaster was about to indulge in that too. But later.  The remnant chaos marines had assembeld near the landingsite of the relive column of imperial forces that had come to the icy mainworld of the system. Successfully his brethren had contained the follower of the corpse emperor in their landingfield area. The nightlords also were effective  in subdueing almost all of the original garrison that defended the planet. A long war guerillia war of atrition had seen to that. 

Now was the time to finish it! No, he corrected. It was the time to start it all! The Fall of Rausina, the Fall of  the Reaches, the Fall of the Ultima Segmentum!

Being able to strike from the skies while bringing small amounts of troops in via the opening portal would culminate in a final scything everything living to lay it before the altar of the dark gods. What the eldar, tau and human who still had a puny presence on the planet did not know, the great streams of chaos, the mighty khorne, slannesh, nurgle and tzeench had combined their might and send there heresy battlefleets to make sure they all could use the portal that Rausina was. Only a thin line of light was keeping the chaos undivided from achieving total victory!

Helene Middenheim, chief Instructor-commisar

Red haired, stern looking, but quite beautiful behind her hard face.
Blue green eyes and a first bit of fattening hanging on her angular
jarr. Not much, just enough to show that she is not young anymore.
Since she does not pay much attention on comliness other then being
always orderly, trimmed and washed, she haf too much hair on her upper
lip. But you had to get really close up to her to notice. Something
that normally never wanted, meaning she was screaming at you some
reproach. In another life she could have been the famed beauty of all
nobility of suchspire in whateverhive. Here she was living to do the
emperors duty and making commissars out of the propably only female
commissar class in the imperium.

Rausina 21: Marine Vadraak at the Fence

We got them by suprise. What utter and delightful chaos. The fools
were shooting at ech other. We hit the fleeing corpse emperor right in
the lower back! And we hit them a few minutes later straight from the
side! It paid off to have the chosen the chosen to circumvent the
direct route to the enemies death. We hit them right next to the
entrance. Right were the hydra and the sharpshooters were guarding.
The chosens rhino farted a big cloud of smoke out of its ancient
stacks. The cover was perfekt. The hydra exploded an instant later
under combined melta fire. The smoke was so thick that the heavely
armed command troop of the corpse emperors viele minions did not hit a
thing witht the 3 big meltaguns there puny frames had so much
difficulty draging around.

But the officer, spurred into action by the commissar did not have his
company fall back. Rahter they charged the chosen. Quite a feat, after
the troops we mobbed up in front of the fence were only turning their
heels fleeing or ducking for cover. And charge the enemy did. First
tey shot the chaos mage that led the chosen, wounded him and finally
overwhelmed him in combat! I still hear his screams of disbelieve.
This action motivated the rest of the guards of the fence to run into
the direction of the fray!

Rausina 21: Lt. Redcap at the Fence

This can not be happening. They mistake us, why do they fire? Why? We are
just trying to get to them! I do not want to die, my troops do not
want to die. Maybe the perimeter defense is just uninformed. Oh no the
big guns open up. All we can do now is return the fire, disable
everything thats shooting at us  and rush through. We….

For the benefit of everyones morale the drone of the enemy hydra guns finally made Lt Redcaps loud thoughts inaudible
for the rest of the lead chimera crew.

This is unheard of!

The first all-female Commissar Cadet class this side of Terra

Now and then they crop up, probably not more than one in a hundred: A female Commissar. But then, due to a bureaucratic mistake, 112 girls of from the St Suspira Schola Progenium ended up assigned to the commissariat instead of the Convent of St Silentia. And since you serve where the Emperor chooses to place you, they gave their best.

In the course of the following six years, more than eighty of them quit and asked for a transfer, which was usually granted without further questioning. But twenty or so of them still remain, and these twenty are more than equal to any of their male colleagues: tough, motivated, inspirational, and utterly dedicated to their cause.

Recently they have been split up into two groups of about ten young women, each group being assigned a commissar and sent out to get their first experience of real battlefield duty. Although they were eyed with some suspicion in the beginning, the sheer force of their momentum quickly gained them the grudging respect of the commissar and the troops alike.