Kikolu Manele

This was an outrage, what a loss of time.

Me maybe not one of the highborn spire kiddies, but me old enough, proven enough to be not treated like grox feeces.

Me then very angry that customer, bold offworld bum with high nose got parcel but never paid.

So me think of hunting him instead of for him. He will make good parcel, to someone, in a way. So me go dig, drag out contact to him who hired me and did not have money from him.

Stinking fat fellow from mid hive, damn fixer, do not trust go in between anymores. Me took left hand as trophy, he lefthander, he suddenly got las in hand when we talk of customer. He afraid, of customer not me, want no give him away.

He wrong, me more terrible.


In the dark future of the 43rd millenium…

Line of Blood

„Brother-chaplain, I have a question to ask, concerning a dream I had.“ Gracefully the young marine sank to his knee in front of the sanguinary priest, bowing his head in respect. Even for an astartes he moved with remarkable poise, and even for a Blood Angel his features possessed a chiselled, angular perfection.

„Speak, Brother Lysantes. Would you like to tell me about it?“ the chaplain replied, and waited patiently.
„Yes, perpaps I should. But perhaps it was just a meaningless dream…“ answered the kneeling marine somewhat reluctantly. „I need to know first. Who does my blood line descend from?“
„Well, many heroic brothers carried the gene-seed before you, and ultimately, it descends from our beloved primarch Sanguinius. But you would like a more precise answer, wouldn’t you? Then we shall consult the books of lineage.“ (more…)

The Divination Board

Lucius voice, silently, gently called out to his savant servitor Pretononius. The gentle clacking of the men-machines innards was audible from all over the small sanctum the High Inquisitor called his private office. Pretononius was closing. Ages old, the mechanical parts of him where already overhauled, updated twice. His bodily parts might date from the early turn of the millennium, nobody knew for sure. Even itself not, since with each new owner the savant was mind wiped to free up brain and memory banks alike. As Pretononius came closer, Lucius could feel the warmth emanating from the Savant calculus tubes, that were implanted in his chest and helped his human brain to do complex calculations and predictions. Human Brain? What the constructors in the Manufactura had left of human brain for the savant servitor to work his master mathematical biddings.


Rausina 14: Growing Suspicions

Saeffen began to run when she heard the alarm go off. This was exactly what she had been dreading all along since Lucius had sent her off to chaperone their mysterious Eldar visitor back to her people on Rausina. They were alledgedly missing her badly since Brother-Captain Cato had brought along, as she was supposed to be some kind of high ranking military personnel of theirs. Saeffen marveled at this, as she could feel her ragged and fluctuating aura when near her, and she wondered what in the name of the sweet Emperor could cause something like that while still leaving the owner alive, let alone sane. She had been on the brink of asking her, but had decided against it so far. She had her suspicions about that, just as she had suspicions regarding Lucius’ previous acquaintance with the Eldar, and once she started asking this kind of questions it might lead to some awkward and insincere answers. So she had stuck to safer topics, had asked the xeno about her experience with the Imperium, had discussed the merits of different blends of caffeine, for which the Eldar seemed to have developed a liking. It had been a little more than a little strange to discuss such mundane topics with an alien in near-flawless Gothic. (more…)

…and on we go with our History Lessons

This is brand new, actually, although it belongs to- well, you better figure that out for yourselves.

In the High Grass

A whisper.


Melodious. Familiar.



Her breath on his auricle, soft as down.

A hand on his shoulder, gentle and warm.

The smell of dry grass after a sunny day.

The whine of a gunship’s repulsers dying down.


Another History Lesson (or two)

Returning the four Marines to their chapter the wounded Fitheak ends up stranded on Baal. When the infamous Inquisitor Bertolli gets too nosy around the Blood Angel’s Fortress Monastery, Commander Dante charges Brother-Sergeant Azrael to see that the Inquisitor will not stumble upon their Eldar ‘visitor’, lest something untoward should happen. Azrael chooses to take her to Primaris IV, an agricultural world near the Baal system, governed and tithed by the Blood Angel’s chapter.
The story snippet was written in 2005, so here we are:

Before the Storm

She stood on the balcony overlooking the rugged coastline and the storm-beaten ocean, deeply inhaling the salty air. The wind played in her long hair and made it rise behind her back in strange figures, looking almost like angels’ wings. The joy was plainly written on her face, it was in her smile and in the light in her eyes.
“This is the first time in all my life that I am outside on a world- a real world, a planet, you know, without a battlesuit.” (more…)

The Price

“The Price” was written around either 2002 or 2005, and it shows us a crucial piece of Fitheak’s past as well as a glimpse on her next of kin. It was part (and basically the starting point, too) of the Ambrosius-Campaign.

The Price

 The humans were battling the influence of Chaos on that little world, yet they were unaware of the potential harm that lay in one rather inconspicious nascent psyker. He would escape them, undetected, and in the future be the cause of untold harm to the Eldar and humans alike. This had to be prevented, and Farseer Tiarn Dalach was trying to see a way to achieve this. (more…)

Fitheak’s tainted Witchblade

Made of shimmering blue Wraithcrystal, the elegant and powerful sword was originally part of Fitheak Battleseer’s equipment provided for her by ‘her’ shrine, that of the Swooping Hawks. From the beginning, the young Battleseer’s Gift and the psychically reactive blade were a good match, and over the years Fitheak grew ever more confident in its use, constantly pushing the limits of what could be and couldn’t be achieved by channeling her powers through the sword. (more…)

The Bloody-Handed One

This Fitheak-story goes way back into her past, when she was a warrior in the Shrine of the Swooping Hawks. It was written circa 2002. 

The Bloody-Handed One

By Doro Schluter

It happened shortly after my brother was elected to be the Young King and during my time as a Swooping Hawk. The events had cast their first shadows over us when news came that a planet along the course of the Craftworld seemed to have been seized by a previously unheard-of chapter of Space Marines. At first nobody took much notice of this, since the planet was of no interest to us and the Space Marines generally did not meddle with the Eldar if we left them in peace. But then the Seers of our community had consulted the Runes, and had tried to discern what our future held. What they had found had left them genuinely distressed. (more…)

Hunting Pirates en Passant


2006 by Thomas W. Waßmann

Dear Lord-Master,

this transmission was intercepted by our astropaths on the way to the admiralty on terra. We link this message directly to the events inspected by the most honourable Inquisitor Lucius. The Inquisitor states that the order should contemplate taking action. His latest message I also attached. 

your obedient servant,