Rausina 23: Victory to the Dark Gods!

“Tzeentch misled the enemy as to our strength!

Slaanesh seduced them to strike without thinking!

Khorne led us to spill their blood!

Nurgle will fester in their wound and open the it for the glory of chaos undiveded to spread though the rapture in space we are about to conceive!

All glory to the Gods of Chaos!”

Vanetsch through his microphone to one of the many servants on the bridge of his capital ship.

The gods had made victory hard, he had only barely survived. The ship was clinging on to reality on its last threads and it would take hours and thausands of slaves to put out all the fires and get steering again.

The alliance of the corpse emperor, slaneeshs playtoys and the naive and unknowing was down on its knees. He Lord Vanetsch, glorious leader of the undivided Battlefleet and Emmisarry extraordinanry of his pestilensic majesty would make sure that everyone on the puny iceball called Rausina would know it. They would canker the glory of Nurgle, and then the planet would be ripped into the nether, opening the floodgates to let chaos straight into the gemstone reaches!

Rausina 21: Marine Vadraak at the Fence

We got them by suprise. What utter and delightful chaos. The fools
were shooting at ech other. We hit the fleeing corpse emperor right in
the lower back! And we hit them a few minutes later straight from the
side! It paid off to have the chosen the chosen to circumvent the
direct route to the enemies death. We hit them right next to the
entrance. Right were the hydra and the sharpshooters were guarding.
The chosens rhino farted a big cloud of smoke out of its ancient
stacks. The cover was perfekt. The hydra exploded an instant later
under combined melta fire. The smoke was so thick that the heavely
armed command troop of the corpse emperors viele minions did not hit a
thing witht the 3 big meltaguns there puny frames had so much
difficulty draging around.

But the officer, spurred into action by the commissar did not have his
company fall back. Rahter they charged the chosen. Quite a feat, after
the troops we mobbed up in front of the fence were only turning their
heels fleeing or ducking for cover. And charge the enemy did. First
tey shot the chaos mage that led the chosen, wounded him and finally
overwhelmed him in combat! I still hear his screams of disbelieve.
This action motivated the rest of the guards of the fence to run into
the direction of the fray!

Rausina 21: Lt. Redcap at the Fence

This can not be happening. They mistake us, why do they fire? Why? We are
just trying to get to them! I do not want to die, my troops do not
want to die. Maybe the perimeter defense is just uninformed. Oh no the
big guns open up. All we can do now is return the fire, disable
everything thats shooting at us  and rush through. We….

For the benefit of everyones morale the drone of the enemy hydra guns finally made Lt Redcaps loud thoughts inaudible
for the rest of the lead chimera crew.

Rausina 19: Saving the civilian Tau, almost.

Private After Action Ponderings  of Trooper Belisarius of the 2nd Squad, 7th Company Blood Angels, attached to Lord Inquisitor Lucius of the Ordo Malleus.

This is a world were we have to align our self with the Xenos known as Tau against the evilest of evils. The traitors of Horus! Creatures that put the the holy believes into the blood of our beloved Sanguinius to the test!

The Berserkers of the vile Blood God rounded up civilian xenos in one of the Tau villages on Rausina. That these Tau villages even exist on an imperial world is hard to, but not mine, to fathom.


Rausina 18: Spyfly Transmission

unencrypted pict transmission from inquistorial spyfly 23343355443LVC


suspected artifact site defended by xenos

depicting a suspected artifact side, northeast of the greenbelt;

improvised defences by combined tau/eldar xeno forces;

defences look makeshift and built in a hurry


Assault on site by chaos forces

depicting an assault by suspected “word bearer” space marines;

in coordination with chaos renegade infantry

attack looks well coordinated but staggered due to heavy fogging


Chaos attack thwarted

depicting last shot spyfly made before falling in to battery/thermal stasis;

chaos forces seems to be lept from xeno occupied site;

total losses on both site on an optimum for imperial intervention


Rausina 17>18: Obituary

Somewhat disoriented, Azrael awoke. Above him he saw the pearlescent surface of an eldar habitent shimmering gently. Tiny sounds told him at least three of his brothers were asleep near him, and people were moving about outside, their sounds muffled. Experimentally, he moved and tried to sit up. Except for a slight dizziness he encountered no problems so far, and he had to marvel once again at the eldar healers’ abilities.
From his sitting position he could see Bethor, Damian and Calidus, deeply asleep, recovering from their wounds. One cot was empty.
He stood up, and had to concede that he probably should have given himself more time. A few seconds later though he staggered over to the partition, unable to stop himself. He parted the drapery and looked around.
Another empty cot. Pristine and untouched. Sweet Sanguinius! He grabbed the tent pole for support, and caught his breath. Casting about he found his robe, and when he had dressed himself, he had also found enough strength to leave the tent.


Rausina 17: Aftermath

Ignoring the pain, Azrael gathered himself up and limped over to where the Autarch had sunken down. The last of the eldar warriors that had been with them in the Wave Serpent and fought at Fitheak’s side to the end was with her. 
“Call in reenforcements and a rescue team. I will look after her” Azrael told the Avenger, suspecting that she could not understand his words, but would be able to read their meaning directly from his thoughts. Judging from the Eldar’s reactions, he was correct.

Azrael turned back to the Autarch. (more…)

Rausina 14: Growing Suspicions

Saeffen began to run when she heard the alarm go off. This was exactly what she had been dreading all along since Lucius had sent her off to chaperone their mysterious Eldar visitor back to her people on Rausina. They were alledgedly missing her badly since Brother-Captain Cato had brought along, as she was supposed to be some kind of high ranking military personnel of theirs. Saeffen marveled at this, as she could feel her ragged and fluctuating aura when near her, and she wondered what in the name of the sweet Emperor could cause something like that while still leaving the owner alive, let alone sane. She had been on the brink of asking her, but had decided against it so far. She had her suspicions about that, just as she had suspicions regarding Lucius’ previous acquaintance with the Eldar, and once she started asking this kind of questions it might lead to some awkward and insincere answers. So she had stuck to safer topics, had asked the xeno about her experience with the Imperium, had discussed the merits of different blends of caffeine, for which the Eldar seemed to have developed a liking. It had been a little more than a little strange to discuss such mundane topics with an alien in near-flawless Gothic. (more…)

Turbulent Teens: Rausina 14 und 15

Aufgrund TWA’s momentaner Zeitplanung ist zur Zeit eigentlich nur noch jeweils ein Rausinatermin pro Wochenende vorgesehen, aber letztes Wochenende gab’s dann durch Zufall doch wieder zwei: Am Freitag sagte HannY ab, und TWA und ich spielten alleine eine Runde BFG, und als HannY dann überraschend am Samstag konnte, haben wir das eigentlich geplante Szenario Wh40k nachgeholt.


Caught in Transit (Interludium Rausina 12/13)






Here we find ourselves in the Blood Angel’s Thunderhawk gunship, ferrying from the DROP OF BLOOD to the SWORDMAIDEN after narrowly escaping the bombardment by the Immortal’s guns:

Azrael studied the Eldar’s face. She looked inhumanly tired after the warpmagics she had used to aid their escape from the IMMORTAL’s guns, and he was glad she had remained conscious since coming to in the DROP OF BLOOD’s hangar. She seemed to be deeply lost in thoughts, though, her gaze staring right through the bulkhead in front of her.
Suddenly her head came up, cocked as if listening intently to something unheard by everyone else. At the same time the vox channel went live, and disturbing news came in. (more…)