Rausina 23: Rausina has to Fall

Spilling blood on the ground is a sastisfying thing. Praising the Lord Khore in all it Glory. The warmaster was about to indulge in that too. But later.  The remnant chaos marines had assembeld near the landingsite of the relive column of imperial forces that had come to the icy mainworld of the system. Successfully his brethren had contained the follower of the corpse emperor in their landingfield area. The nightlords also were effective  in subdueing almost all of the original garrison that defended the planet. A long war guerillia war of atrition had seen to that. 

Now was the time to finish it! No, he corrected. It was the time to start it all! The Fall of Rausina, the Fall of  the Reaches, the Fall of the Ultima Segmentum!

Being able to strike from the skies while bringing small amounts of troops in via the opening portal would culminate in a final scything everything living to lay it before the altar of the dark gods. What the eldar, tau and human who still had a puny presence on the planet did not know, the great streams of chaos, the mighty khorne, slannesh, nurgle and tzeench had combined their might and send there heresy battlefleets to make sure they all could use the portal that Rausina was. Only a thin line of light was keeping the chaos undivided from achieving total victory!

Rausina in between 13 and 14

The beaten up strike cruiser had limped through the ether for too lon a time. The Geller field of the stricken ship was  basically sound, but still had admited creatures of the warp two times. These nuisances were easely dispatched but showed that the Swordmaiden was badly in need of a complete haul over. The machine spirit thus, even with over 70 percent of the ships physical structure hurt, was not in a bad mood. Still, when the ship arrived on Krinova, the sector homeworld. This close to the border of the imperium in the ultima segemetum, there were not too many imperial imperial worlds. Even Krinova, being the major spaceport and military faciliy of the Krinolin Sektor boastet a bit over a billion of citizens.

For Lucius that was not an disadvatage. Because the Krinolin sector was so sparsely populated it also boasted not a big inquisitorial presence. The resident commander of the inquistorial holdings on Krinova easely subordinated himself to Lucius, and the adeptus ministrorum officials of the Krinolin were persuaded to send out a fast force to Rausina to counter the chaos threat. Because in the long run, the whole are of space might be lost to the forces of chaos, if not an example was done out of Rausina. Thus, while Lucius styed on Krimova to get the imperial war machine in high gear for a relief force, he sent back the Eldar witch and his Blood Angels bodyguard in an available light cruiser.He hoped that Fayak would be able to coordinate, together with Captain Cato, a combined defence of Rausina. Maybe they could even talk the Tau into it. Even Xeno rule was preferable to having the artifact activated and the sector drenched in a wave of warp spawn.

But Lucius felt that this advance travel might also be a death warrant, should the forces of corruption already have arrived in force…


Wie bitte? Genau. Der Schlachtruf meiner Nightlords. Und warum? Deshalb:







Habt ihr sie gefunden? Die Apfelsinenkiste neben der Luke des Schützen? Auch Chaos Space Marines müssen halt ab und an mal gesunde Vitamine naschen.

Rausina 19: Saving the civilian Tau, almost.

Private After Action Ponderings  of Trooper Belisarius of the 2nd Squad, 7th Company Blood Angels, attached to Lord Inquisitor Lucius of the Ordo Malleus.

This is a world were we have to align our self with the Xenos known as Tau against the evilest of evils. The traitors of Horus! Creatures that put the the holy believes into the blood of our beloved Sanguinius to the test!

The Berserkers of the vile Blood God rounded up civilian xenos in one of the Tau villages on Rausina. That these Tau villages even exist on an imperial world is hard to, but not mine, to fathom.


Rausina 18: Spyfly Transmission

unencrypted pict transmission from inquistorial spyfly 23343355443LVC


suspected artifact site defended by xenos

depicting a suspected artifact side, northeast of the greenbelt;

improvised defences by combined tau/eldar xeno forces;

defences look makeshift and built in a hurry


Assault on site by chaos forces

depicting an assault by suspected “word bearer” space marines;

in coordination with chaos renegade infantry

attack looks well coordinated but staggered due to heavy fogging


Chaos attack thwarted

depicting last shot spyfly made before falling in to battery/thermal stasis;

chaos forces seems to be lept from xeno occupied site;

total losses on both site on an optimum for imperial intervention


Rausina 18 aftermath: Chaos thwarted, but Khornes Glory waits.

As I kneel before thee, my master. Mighty crimson glory of the sacred bloodletters choosen. I defiled our purpose by not suceeding to capture the eastern activation runes. I humbly request to be put to death by squeezing all blood out of me on the holy bonethrone of you our beloved god. Do as you see fit with your servant, who is ridden with scornful self-contempt at having lost this most valuable target by not taking it from the hand of the vile xenos. But what should I say, I now know the land, layout and defences of this place far better then any other of your humblest servants.

Your glory with out mights god will spread great when you do get all the artefacts and open the gate of chaos on this world. The whole sector, corpse emperors and xenos alike, will fall to our mighty onslaught. No small raids with cruisers anymore! The whole glory of chaos, the lovely ways of the warp will be, what will come out of this gate.

A whole planet, one access to out beloved home! To enhance your reputation and standing, making you one of the foremost of his majestic spillers. With giving me a mighiter lever to fullfill your dream you will no longer be known as Arbaal the Destroyer, but Arbaal the Bloddy Reaper of Worlds, King of Crimson Gore and shattered Bones!

You will have all the activation runes, all the artifacts and open the gate for Khorne himself to spillout his bloody might!

Demagogue Arsonius, of the black and blue mark.
High Speaker of the circle of Khornes Children on Rausina. Reporting to Lord Arbaal, Terminator Lord of the World Eaters, Grand Overlord of the XXVII Ultima Segmentum Bloodfest.

Rausina 17>18: Obituary

Somewhat disoriented, Azrael awoke. Above him he saw the pearlescent surface of an eldar habitent shimmering gently. Tiny sounds told him at least three of his brothers were asleep near him, and people were moving about outside, their sounds muffled. Experimentally, he moved and tried to sit up. Except for a slight dizziness he encountered no problems so far, and he had to marvel once again at the eldar healers’ abilities.
From his sitting position he could see Bethor, Damian and Calidus, deeply asleep, recovering from their wounds. One cot was empty.
He stood up, and had to concede that he probably should have given himself more time. A few seconds later though he staggered over to the partition, unable to stop himself. He parted the drapery and looked around.
Another empty cot. Pristine and untouched. Sweet Sanguinius! He grabbed the tent pole for support, and caught his breath. Casting about he found his robe, and when he had dressed himself, he had also found enough strength to leave the tent.


Rausina 17: Aftermath

Ignoring the pain, Azrael gathered himself up and limped over to where the Autarch had sunken down. The last of the eldar warriors that had been with them in the Wave Serpent and fought at Fitheak’s side to the end was with her. 
“Call in reenforcements and a rescue team. I will look after her” Azrael told the Avenger, suspecting that she could not understand his words, but would be able to read their meaning directly from his thoughts. Judging from the Eldar’s reactions, he was correct.

Azrael turned back to the Autarch. (more…)

Caught in Transit (Interludium Rausina 12/13)






Here we find ourselves in the Blood Angel’s Thunderhawk gunship, ferrying from the DROP OF BLOOD to the SWORDMAIDEN after narrowly escaping the bombardment by the Immortal’s guns:

Azrael studied the Eldar’s face. She looked inhumanly tired after the warpmagics she had used to aid their escape from the IMMORTAL’s guns, and he was glad she had remained conscious since coming to in the DROP OF BLOOD’s hangar. She seemed to be deeply lost in thoughts, though, her gaze staring right through the bulkhead in front of her.
Suddenly her head came up, cocked as if listening intently to something unheard by everyone else. At the same time the vox channel went live, and disturbing news came in. (more…)

Rausina 12-2: Das Chaos kommt

Kombiniertes A/V/S Tagebuch des Großinquisitor. Aufgezeichnet und kompiliert von seinem Servitor-Savant Petrononius

“Danke BLUTSTROPFEN wir übernehmen jetzt.”

Der Capitän der Schwertmaid beendet die Voxübertragung.

“Lord, dasThunderhawk wird bald in den Hangar 2 einfliegen, was soll geschehen?” fragte er den anwesenden Mann in der grauen Robe. Eine inquisitoriale Rosette und ein kleines goldenes Buch, baumelten an der golddruchwirkten Kordel die als Gürtel fungierte. Eine sehr teure Version einer Mönchsrobe die der Lord trug.

“Schicken wir Rexenia um unsere Gäste in ihre Quartiere zu geleiten. Eine der Gastfluchten soll ihnen zur Verfügung stehen.”

“Sehr wohl, Lord” erwiederte der Capitän und orderte mit einer Bewegung seiner Hand seinen Adjutanten dies alles zu übernehmen.

Lucius schaut auf die Auspex Bilder. Gut 10 Minuten bis das Thunderhawk gelandet wäre. Noch wenige Stunden bis er SIE wiedersehen würde. Ein merkwürdiges Gefühl beschlich ihn, ein Gefühl was er schon zu vergessen geglaubt hatte. Eine Unruhe, wie in seiner Jugend. Wie lange war es her? 50 Jahre?

Mit einem Kreischen ging der Auspex Alarm los. Die Schwertmaid, gebaut auf Mars, besass eine beinahe blasphemische Menge an Eigenintelligenz. Einem anderen Schiff, einem Schiff das nicht der Inquisition unterstand, hätte man solch komplexe Cogitatoren nicht gestattet.

Wie würde die Eldar sich wohl verhalten wenn Sie sich beide wiedersahen? Die Ereignisse rund um Aquila Prime und die Orkinvasion waren lange her.