Forge World Yasin: Victor Extremis!

Victor Extremis Forgeworld Yasin Warlord TitanThis guy already played a brief role in our Rausina campaign and was used during the ConflictX in Berlin. He is Inquisitor Lucius personal battle conveyance produced by the venerable Forgeworld Yasin in the Gemstone Reaches. This forge has been sealed of from the rest of the Imperium and became very progressive (some would call it heretic) in pursuing own versions of trusted std designs. Their fabrication capacity, relying heavily on manual labor thus is very limited but the results are very special. This battle titan is an equivalent of a classical warlord class with the specialty that all four weapon locations are in the arm mounts. It carries a CCW-Powerfist and a 4 barrel Plasmagun on the left arm mount and a Multilasercanon and a Meltercannon on the right arm. In addition to this, two twinlinked lascannons provide a sting against selected smaller targets.

Planet:Il Nizinite III

A forlorn desert world with no big settlements. The few hardy survivors of this frontier world scrap a living out of hunting for pre heresy relics in the concentrical cities that are located on every continent and in every dried up sea-basin of Nizinite. These are descendants of imperial settlers having left their old squalor to form an “efficient agricolony on a lush and lovely agri planet Nizinite III in the reaches.”

In their tracktruck convoys these nomads form tribes that fight each other about the rights of access to the desert cities. Staying in them for prolonged time is considered to bring the wrath of the emperor down on them. Even if the Adeptus Terra has the planet as imperial on file there is very few ingredients to an imperial word. No central government, no direct tithe. Only the Ecclesiarch of Clinohumite is thinking about taxing the treasure hunters buy having an in system patrol that establishes the sovereignty of Clinohumite over the nearby Nizinite System.

Planet: Clinohumite

Clinohumite is a Terran sized planet and is the Capital of the Rumagen Trinket part of the Gemstone Reaches. It is a bitter, withering Hiveworld of epic proportions based on a religious caste system of its own branch of the imperial creed. It is the second of a 5 palnet system. Three strip mined barren rocks and the 4th bein a gas giant of

The planet is known to be completely covered with buildings, ruins and wastes from industrial production. It has no own atmosphere and no other live then what humankind brought. The planet was chosen by the first guilders as a settlement and production base because it sits in the middle of the Trinket and had a very rich composition of valuable ores and stone usable in production. These have been depleted over 3000 years ago and since then the planet had a hard time continuing its golden age of importance.

Being still the main manufacturer of goods in the Trinket it now  lives of neighboring Systems supplying it with raw material and food. There are a lot of charted Traders bringing in Ore from all mining Operations in the Subsector. The route to Darya-I-Nur being the most profitable of, giving the owning chartist family M`Dele great influence on the High Priest of CH.

The High priest being the de facto ruler of Clinohumite since the tragic incident of fire in the guild counsel hall 65 years ago.

This fire turned the guild owned planetary holdings into one humongous and inefficient gigantic theocracy with a version of the imperial creed devised by Tehos M’Dele himself.

System: Axinite

The Axinite System was once called the Entrace to the Reaches. That was before a mayor change in Trade Routes and loosing of the deReut Family Fortunes. The de Reut were the main owners of a chart of trading for the traingel of

Ore from  Scintobsidian to Clinohumite for processing,

Raw metals and some manufatcured goods from Clinohumite to Axinite for trade to other sectors.

When the the deReut lost their fortune due to Heresy, their Axinite based space dock and reloading facility came into disuse even stranding the operating ground crew on the planet Axinite Main.

Axinite main is a feral world which was once holding a non imperial high culture of humans from a generation ship. When deReut arrived they had bombed themselves back into near stone age but still valued some artefacts out of “oulde dayse”.

Since the System is abandoned again, the small seed of imperial civilisation that the ground bases of the deReut family has layed is

System: Garnet

The Garnet System is known for two place of special note. Garnet, the name giver of the system is a huge gas giant being mined by scooper ships from 14 different moons of the three dozen that surround it. Noble Houses own large tracts of Garnets atmosphere which is rich in anything from Helium, Xenon to over 300 substances that have a variety of uses in industrial production throughout the ultima segmentum. As a   hindrance to eploitation total  of the atmospheric components stands its enormous volatility. Any oxygen trace produce large chain reactions. So the houses do not fight directly over their claim but rather have an odd tradition of solving conflicts.  This is when the second place of note comes into play.

The space hulk St. Ivy.

A gigantic structure that was drawn into the gravity pool of garnets   neighbor Greesom. The hulk is the biggest bloodsport arena in the sector and is administrated by the order of the poison ivy. The founder of the order, the mighty St. Ivy headed a crusade of volunteers  to cleanse the hulk before its many terrible inhabitants could befall her lovely home world of Adamas. She did succeed but not before the chaos lord of the hulk did draw it into the nether. The order survived the 150 years of void travel before the hulk dropped back into the real world, the Garnet system. By then the whole Hulk was sterilized at the cost of over 99 percent of the crusade. By chance,  accident or providence  all survivors of the crusaders were female, and on her deathbed St. Ivi got their promise to get an her own order of battle sisters who would keep all evil away from the hull.

To upkeep their station on the hull the Order of the poison Ivy stages arena and dungeon fights for the noble houses who can, with divine blessing of St Ivy, be determined as winner in an house conflict.

Planet: Lothar is a beautiful Paradise World

Lothar is a beautiful Paradise World near the top of the Glittering Tiara. Most famous is the world for its democratic, nature protecting populance. The people of Lothar chose to life in big stalamite Cities, self contained arcologies to keep the wild but harmless nature of Lothar in it original shape.

Planet: Daks III is a postapocalyptic world

Near Opal, in the middle of the Rummagen Trinktet lies Daks System. Daks III is a postapocalyptic world just rising out of its wasteland stupor with the help of the techpriests from Opal. Among the migrating wasteland barbarians, the Opalese found the tech-apt Automanic Empire. These Barbarians were brought into the Fold of the Empire by the way of the Omnisiah. With their Assault on the old and shielded Capital of Melange, the Automans could eventuallty become the leading class of all technobarbarian tribes on Daks.

Planet: Opal

Another planet known throughout the Imperium is Opal, A forgeworld located in a System at the bottom of the Scepter run. Opal is famous for its small size Laser weaponry.

Planet: Aquaria of the Aquamarine Solar System

The System is located as Headstone of the Glittering Tiara. Aquaria is most notable that it only has one very small chain of Islands near the Equator. These Islands are covered with steaming Jungles were hardy colored Junglefighters dwell. The northern most Island is covered with the Grandcity of Semam the principal Spaceport. The southernmost island is home to Codex Chapter of the Aquamarines, descendants of the Ultramarines. 95% of the population thus live underwater in huge Aquahives deep down on the Oceanfloor.
One of the hive even covers the interior of a great rift chasm. Because of the habitation constraints of the aqua hives many young join the Imperial Guard making Aquaria one of the few planets constantly raising regiments. These “Hiver” regiments get their thorough training by the trials of combat. It is not unheard that by this two or three regiments are combined to form a new one because of initial losses. Regimental numbers are constantly reassigned.

Planet: Span

Span is a true hellhole, even for a prison world. Being extremely pleasant looking from the outside the jungles of Span match the most dense Jungles of Catachan.

There is an added hardship: Humans are totally incapable of splitting up any fauna or flora on the planet for nutrients. So aside from the areas of prison sites who vat grow and recycle their own food, a human has no chance of long term survival on Span. Other than on Deathworlds, the prisons are very cheap to maintain since general planetary parameters like atmospheric composition and temperatures are perfect to sustain life.

The world is completely off limits for any space travel aside from official prison ships. Special Facilities exists for prisoners of the Imperial Guard, the Ministrorum and even for the Inquisition.