In the dark future of the 43rd millenium…

Line of Blood

„Brother-chaplain, I have a question to ask, concerning a dream I had.“ Gracefully the young marine sank to his knee in front of the sanguinary priest, bowing his head in respect. Even for an astartes he moved with remarkable poise, and even for a Blood Angel his features possessed a chiselled, angular perfection.

„Speak, Brother Lysantes. Would you like to tell me about it?“ the chaplain replied, and waited patiently.
„Yes, perpaps I should. But perhaps it was just a meaningless dream…“ answered the kneeling marine somewhat reluctantly. „I need to know first. Who does my blood line descend from?“
„Well, many heroic brothers carried the gene-seed before you, and ultimately, it descends from our beloved primarch Sanguinius. But you would like a more precise answer, wouldn’t you? Then we shall consult the books of lineage.“ (more…)

The Divination Board

Lucius voice, silently, gently called out to his savant servitor Pretononius. The gentle clacking of the men-machines innards was audible from all over the small sanctum the High Inquisitor called his private office. Pretononius was closing. Ages old, the mechanical parts of him where already overhauled, updated twice. His bodily parts might date from the early turn of the millennium, nobody knew for sure. Even itself not, since with each new owner the savant was mind wiped to free up brain and memory banks alike. As Pretononius came closer, Lucius could feel the warmth emanating from the Savant calculus tubes, that were implanted in his chest and helped his human brain to do complex calculations and predictions. Human Brain? What the constructors in the Manufactura had left of human brain for the savant servitor to work his master mathematical biddings.


Rausina 18: Spyfly Transmission

unencrypted pict transmission from inquistorial spyfly 23343355443LVC


suspected artifact site defended by xenos

depicting a suspected artifact side, northeast of the greenbelt;

improvised defences by combined tau/eldar xeno forces;

defences look makeshift and built in a hurry


Assault on site by chaos forces

depicting an assault by suspected “word bearer” space marines;

in coordination with chaos renegade infantry

attack looks well coordinated but staggered due to heavy fogging


Chaos attack thwarted

depicting last shot spyfly made before falling in to battery/thermal stasis;

chaos forces seems to be lept from xeno occupied site;

total losses on both site on an optimum for imperial intervention



Jahah, ich bin stolzer Besitzer eines Drop Pods! Schon seit dem Erscheinungs-tag… TWA hat ihn freundlicher-weise für mich grundiert (auf meinen Wunsch in den Sprues), und gestern Abend habe ich angefangen, Teile zu entgraten und zusammenzubauen. Wie immer werde ich ihn natürlich erst bemalen, bevor er komplett fertig gebaut wird, weil man sonst ja an vieles gar nicht mehr zufriedenstellend herankommt.


Rausina 18 aftermath: Chaos thwarted, but Khornes Glory waits.

As I kneel before thee, my master. Mighty crimson glory of the sacred bloodletters choosen. I defiled our purpose by not suceeding to capture the eastern activation runes. I humbly request to be put to death by squeezing all blood out of me on the holy bonethrone of you our beloved god. Do as you see fit with your servant, who is ridden with scornful self-contempt at having lost this most valuable target by not taking it from the hand of the vile xenos. But what should I say, I now know the land, layout and defences of this place far better then any other of your humblest servants.

Your glory with out mights god will spread great when you do get all the artefacts and open the gate of chaos on this world. The whole sector, corpse emperors and xenos alike, will fall to our mighty onslaught. No small raids with cruisers anymore! The whole glory of chaos, the lovely ways of the warp will be, what will come out of this gate.

A whole planet, one access to out beloved home! To enhance your reputation and standing, making you one of the foremost of his majestic spillers. With giving me a mighiter lever to fullfill your dream you will no longer be known as Arbaal the Destroyer, but Arbaal the Bloddy Reaper of Worlds, King of Crimson Gore and shattered Bones!

You will have all the activation runes, all the artifacts and open the gate for Khorne himself to spillout his bloody might!

Demagogue Arsonius, of the black and blue mark.
High Speaker of the circle of Khornes Children on Rausina. Reporting to Lord Arbaal, Terminator Lord of the World Eaters, Grand Overlord of the XXVII Ultima Segmentum Bloodfest.

Findel-Eldar mit Schnuffeldecke?

Jupp, der Eldar-Baby-Counter ist jetzt einsatzbereit, die Base ist fertig, das Baby liegt nun auf einer grünen Schnuffeldecke, sicher festgeklebt.

Die Decke habe ich auch aus Green Stuff modelliert, ganz dünn ausgepretzelt, zurechtgeschnitten und dann drapiert. Der Streifen ist eingedrückt, und dadurch hat sich die grüne Tusche schön darin gesammelt. Noch ein paar helle Highlights drauf, und fertig.

Irgendwie allerdings finde ich, verzerrt die Decke die Proportionen: das Baby sieht jetzt zu klein aus, weil die Decke so wenig Details hat… Mal sehen was sich da machen läßt. Vielleicht doch eine andere Base basteln?


40k Terrain in 40 Minutes

Well, actually that’s not true, it took me 60 minutes. But yes, if I hadn’t chatted as much as I did, I might have been even faster.

We are looking here at my quick terrain I whipped up for our latest game of the Rausina campaign, some eldar structures intended to represent one of the artefacts sited on planet Rausina.

Here is a picture of it with a squad of my Avengers and a battleseer guarding the site:

Initially, I intended this to be some quick and easy scenery for one game, to be discarded afterwards so as not to clog up our apartment with yet more game stuff.



So, falls sich jemand wundern sollte, ich habe mal damit angefangen, die Rausina-Artikel in die chronologisch korrekte Abfolge zu bringen. Dies geschieht, indem man das Publikationsdatum editiert. Ich habe dabei versucht, darauf zu achten, daß kein Artikel aus Versehen vor dem tatsächlich Spieltermin landet, aber es kann schon sein, daß da ab und an merkwürdige Sachen passieren. Eigentlich sollten die aber niemandem auffallen, der sich nicht mit einem Kalender hinsetzt und nachrechnet.

Dagegen sollte es jetzt leichter möglich sein, die sich entwickelnden Ereignisse zu verfolgen, ohne sich zeitlich zu verheddern. Wenn ich mehr Zeit oder vielleicht sogar Langeweile haben sollte, werde ich mal eine Rausina-Kategorie einrichten, und die erzählenden Einträge alle dort hinein sortieren.


Rausina 17>18: Obituary

Somewhat disoriented, Azrael awoke. Above him he saw the pearlescent surface of an eldar habitent shimmering gently. Tiny sounds told him at least three of his brothers were asleep near him, and people were moving about outside, their sounds muffled. Experimentally, he moved and tried to sit up. Except for a slight dizziness he encountered no problems so far, and he had to marvel once again at the eldar healers’ abilities.
From his sitting position he could see Bethor, Damian and Calidus, deeply asleep, recovering from their wounds. One cot was empty.
He stood up, and had to concede that he probably should have given himself more time. A few seconds later though he staggered over to the partition, unable to stop himself. He parted the drapery and looked around.
Another empty cot. Pristine and untouched. Sweet Sanguinius! He grabbed the tent pole for support, and caught his breath. Casting about he found his robe, and when he had dressed himself, he had also found enough strength to leave the tent.


Rausina 17: Aftermath

Ignoring the pain, Azrael gathered himself up and limped over to where the Autarch had sunken down. The last of the eldar warriors that had been with them in the Wave Serpent and fought at Fitheak’s side to the end was with her. 
“Call in reenforcements and a rescue team. I will look after her” Azrael told the Avenger, suspecting that she could not understand his words, but would be able to read their meaning directly from his thoughts. Judging from the Eldar’s reactions, he was correct.

Azrael turned back to the Autarch. (more…)