Planet Avera

Is an mid-important hive world in the scepter run of the Gemstone Reaches known for its production of chemical ingredients used on many other industrialized planets.


Settled by the sect  “AVERA Inc.”  in the early times of the dark age of technology the planet was approached by a fleet of settler ships. These lie now at the core of the great 8 hives of Avera: Avera-A through Avera-H. Till the glory of the Emperor returned to Avera, the 8 communities had already descended into martial strife and Avera-A the most prominent of all a barren ruin made unlivable by tailored viruses spread from one of the other hives.


Interestingly, even having hives all over it, there are still places of pure natural beauty. The central mountain ranges of the main continent are, by holy Imperial decree, a preservation.  A Historian of the Adeptus Terra in cooperation with savant of the Adeptus Mechanicus said this reservation was installed to keep the planets atmosphere from dying. The wooded mountain range is said to completely remake all of the planets breathable air within a few years. The special trees being a plant the settlers brought with them.


Avera G is considered one of the more unassuming hives in the sector. A classic conglomerate of building upon building reaching up into the highest layers of the planets athmosphere.

At the times the planets ecosystem was almost killed by the chem industry, before the cleaning trees of the central mountain range kicked in, the nobles of Avera G did construct great biodomes onto the upper hive flanks, building villas into them. Most of the domes are large enough to hold a fair size manor. Others are large enough for some peasent villages and agriculture. Today the enclosed biodome constrcucts are no longer needed but hereditary tradition keeps most of the nobles on the spot. In the other hives, were the biodomes were never much used, the nobility left the hives and are now living in the pleasent area around the central mountain ranges.

This is unheard of!

The first all-female Commissar Cadet class this side of Terra

Now and then they crop up, probably not more than one in a hundred: A female Commissar. But then, due to a bureaucratic mistake, 112 girls of from the St Suspira Schola Progenium ended up assigned to the commissariat instead of the Convent of St Silentia. And since you serve where the Emperor chooses to place you, they gave their best.

In the course of the following six years, more than eighty of them quit and asked for a transfer, which was usually granted without further questioning. But twenty or so of them still remain, and these twenty are more than equal to any of their male colleagues: tough, motivated, inspirational, and utterly dedicated to their cause.

Recently they have been split up into two groups of about ten young women, each group being assigned a commissar and sent out to get their first experience of real battlefield duty. Although they were eyed with some suspicion in the beginning, the sheer force of their momentum quickly gained them the grudging respect of the commissar and the troops alike.


Vorhang auf, und Abgang!

Tadaaa! Hier ist sie, die zweite von mir jemals bemalte Figur (die erste war ein Dunkelelfenkrieger, weil mir nichts anderes gefallen wollte). Galadriel ist auch die erste für mich erworbene und von mir ausgesuchte Figur. Bemalt habe ich sie dann an einem Nachmittag und Abend mit Freunden (“Wir treffen uns zum Anmalen, mach doch mal mit!”).

Nach langer Zeit ist sie mir nun wieder in die Hände gefallen, und naja, …hmmm….

Also gut, die Falten sind schon gar nicht so schlecht, aber die Haare sehen grottig aus, und das Gesicht! Da hat man ja den EIndruck die Farbe wäre mit dem Spachtel aufgetragen. Nett sind die Augenbrauen, und die Kette um ihren Hals, und im großen und ganzen würde ich sagen, die Figur hat Potential, WENN man die Farbe im Gesicht wieder abbekommt.

Also, für das Archiv, so sieht sie aus, eine meiner ersten Figuren, und nun wandert sie ins Entfärberbad, denn ich finde, man kann sie nett als Eldarfrau verwenden, wenn man sie ordentlich bemalt.


Banshee Overhaulin’


So what do you do if ADS goes crazy about the amount of unpainted figures she has, but in the next sentence talks about getting rid of these badly painted pre-used Banshees she owns? You are not too speechless, all in all I myself like to play with rather wellpainted minis. BUT my output is also much higher (though not even close to her production quality) but still, she paints one mini, I paint 5. I can field legions, she only skirmishes. *nah, you play IG, you HAVE to field legions!* (more…)

Rausina in between 13 and 14

The beaten up strike cruiser had limped through the ether for too lon a time. The Geller field of the stricken ship was  basically sound, but still had admited creatures of the warp two times. These nuisances were easely dispatched but showed that the Swordmaiden was badly in need of a complete haul over. The machine spirit thus, even with over 70 percent of the ships physical structure hurt, was not in a bad mood. Still, when the ship arrived on Krinova, the sector homeworld. This close to the border of the imperium in the ultima segemetum, there were not too many imperial imperial worlds. Even Krinova, being the major spaceport and military faciliy of the Krinolin Sektor boastet a bit over a billion of citizens.

For Lucius that was not an disadvatage. Because the Krinolin sector was so sparsely populated it also boasted not a big inquisitorial presence. The resident commander of the inquistorial holdings on Krinova easely subordinated himself to Lucius, and the adeptus ministrorum officials of the Krinolin were persuaded to send out a fast force to Rausina to counter the chaos threat. Because in the long run, the whole are of space might be lost to the forces of chaos, if not an example was done out of Rausina. Thus, while Lucius styed on Krimova to get the imperial war machine in high gear for a relief force, he sent back the Eldar witch and his Blood Angels bodyguard in an available light cruiser.He hoped that Fayak would be able to coordinate, together with Captain Cato, a combined defence of Rausina. Maybe they could even talk the Tau into it. Even Xeno rule was preferable to having the artifact activated and the sector drenched in a wave of warp spawn.

But Lucius felt that this advance travel might also be a death warrant, should the forces of corruption already have arrived in force…

Aaaargh! 224! Arrgh!

Alleweil die Leutz unter uns gerade Party machen, daß bei mir im Atelier die Gläser wackeln, und ich beim besten Willen nicht arbeiten konnte, habe ich mich hingesetzt, und getan, was ich schon lange mal tun wollte: Stück für Stück habe ich meine unbemalten Eldar hervorgekramt, und dann mit Hinweis zum Aufbewahrungsort in einer kleinen Tabelle erfaßt.

Das hat eine Weile gedauert und mich nett von dem Lärm abgelenkt.

Und als ich fertig war, habe ich dann mal eben die Summenfunktion benutzt, und heraus kam 224. Das ist ganz schön einschüchternd, da werde ich ja nieeee fertig! Wer soll denn 224 Figuren bemalen, wo ich doch immer so lange brauche? Und dann sind da auch Panzer und Phantomlords als Figuren mitgezählt, und da braucht man ja eher noch etwas länger für….

Ich glaube, ich werde erst mal keine Figuren mehr kaufen. 

Naja, wenigstens im nächsten Monat nicht…

…allerdings, einen Ranger wenigstens bräuchte ich noch, damit sie eine Einheit ergeben… Ups!