Rausina 21: Marine Vadraak at the Fence

We got them by suprise. What utter and delightful chaos. The fools
were shooting at ech other. We hit the fleeing corpse emperor right in
the lower back! And we hit them a few minutes later straight from the
side! It paid off to have the chosen the chosen to circumvent the
direct route to the enemies death. We hit them right next to the
entrance. Right were the hydra and the sharpshooters were guarding.
The chosens rhino farted a big cloud of smoke out of its ancient
stacks. The cover was perfekt. The hydra exploded an instant later
under combined melta fire. The smoke was so thick that the heavely
armed command troop of the corpse emperors viele minions did not hit a
thing witht the 3 big meltaguns there puny frames had so much
difficulty draging around.

But the officer, spurred into action by the commissar did not have his
company fall back. Rahter they charged the chosen. Quite a feat, after
the troops we mobbed up in front of the fence were only turning their
heels fleeing or ducking for cover. And charge the enemy did. First
tey shot the chaos mage that led the chosen, wounded him and finally
overwhelmed him in combat! I still hear his screams of disbelieve.
This action motivated the rest of the guards of the fence to run into
the direction of the fray!

Rausina 21: Lt. Redcap at the Fence

This can not be happening. They mistake us, why do they fire? Why? We are
just trying to get to them! I do not want to die, my troops do not
want to die. Maybe the perimeter defense is just uninformed. Oh no the
big guns open up. All we can do now is return the fire, disable
everything thats shooting at us  and rush through. We….

For the benefit of everyones morale the drone of the enemy hydra guns finally made Lt Redcaps loud thoughts inaudible
for the rest of the lead chimera crew.