Planet: Lothar is a beautiful Paradise World

Lothar is a beautiful Paradise World near the top of the Glittering Tiara. Most famous is the world for its democratic, nature protecting populance. The people of Lothar chose to life in big stalamite Cities, self contained arcologies to keep the wild but harmless nature of Lothar in it original shape.

Planet: Daks III is a postapocalyptic world

Near Opal, in the middle of the Rummagen Trinktet lies Daks System. Daks III is a postapocalyptic world just rising out of its wasteland stupor with the help of the techpriests from Opal. Among the migrating wasteland barbarians, the Opalese found the tech-apt Automanic Empire. These Barbarians were brought into the Fold of the Empire by the way of the Omnisiah. With their Assault on the old and shielded Capital of Melange, the Automans could eventuallty become the leading class of all technobarbarian tribes on Daks.

Planet: Opal

Another planet known throughout the Imperium is Opal, A forgeworld located in a System at the bottom of the Scepter run. Opal is famous for its small size Laser weaponry.

Planet: Aquaria of the Aquamarine Solar System

The System is located as Headstone of the Glittering Tiara. Aquaria is most notable that it only has one very small chain of Islands near the Equator. These Islands are covered with steaming Jungles were hardy colored Junglefighters dwell. The northern most Island is covered with the Grandcity of Semam the principal Spaceport. The southernmost island is home to Codex Chapter of the Aquamarines, descendants of the Ultramarines. 95% of the population thus live underwater in huge Aquahives deep down on the Oceanfloor.
One of the hive even covers the interior of a great rift chasm. Because of the habitation constraints of the aqua hives many young join the Imperial Guard making Aquaria one of the few planets constantly raising regiments. These “Hiver” regiments get their thorough training by the trials of combat. It is not unheard that by this two or three regiments are combined to form a new one because of initial losses. Regimental numbers are constantly reassigned.

Planet: Span

Span is a true hellhole, even for a prison world. Being extremely pleasant looking from the outside the jungles of Span match the most dense Jungles of Catachan.

There is an added hardship: Humans are totally incapable of splitting up any fauna or flora on the planet for nutrients. So aside from the areas of prison sites who vat grow and recycle their own food, a human has no chance of long term survival on Span. Other than on Deathworlds, the prisons are very cheap to maintain since general planetary parameters like atmospheric composition and temperatures are perfect to sustain life.

The world is completely off limits for any space travel aside from official prison ships. Special Facilities exists for prisoners of the Imperial Guard, the Ministrorum and even for the Inquisition.

Planet: Deepka Pits

A mining world in the gemstone reaches. The deepka pits are home to
the deepkeese alien species. 3 legged, three armed and of ape like
intelligence, these aliens are easily used as slaves. The main reason
for this is there tribal structure which has two main values: children
and the completeness of the body. Though not losing a limb is the
second most important thing. These two facts are an easy reminder used
by imperial authorities to gain cooperation of the surface dwelling
deepka to get deep in to the dangerous shaft mines for the rare ores.
Many special components needed by the forgeworlds of the gemstone
reaches are only mined on deepeka. Should the planet, for one reason
or another not meet its tithes, the economy of the whole sector would
be greatly affected.

Aside from the indigenous deepeka, the planet is home to only two
cities, one atop the crescent mountain on blue plateu, and one next to
the red and dusty mining plains.

Though the capital Blue, is home to the gouverneur and to the noble
families while Dusty is home to all the mining operations with its
overseers, techpriests, clerks and clerics.

As with most imperial worlds the difference for the few living in
blue compared to the many in dusty is very stark. The former not
lacking anything, dwelling in great enclosured habitats, poking away
the day with their playful intrigues, debaucheries and petty wars.

The inhabitants of dusty, as the middle class, are giving the deepeka the shafts to scratch the ore from.

And finally the deepka who work to save their children future.

Over the last 2000 years the native population had greatly dwindeld as had the ore
output. The governess is quite helpless in her quest to get the
mining on track again. All she does is asking for more ore from the
nobles which in turn crack down harder on their overseers which are in
their turn on the verge of tilting the deepeka into open rebellion against their human masters.
This never happened before and the xenobiologists of the administratum
are pretty sure a rebellion will only be but down by a complete
annihilation of the alien species which is happening within the net 500 years anyway, if the mining operations continue as their are right now.

The Gemstone Reaches

Not far away from the Calixis Sector more into the direction of the ultima segmentum lies the Gemstone Reaches a sector named by the fact that:
1. all solar system there are named after popular Gemstones
2. the star of the sector are separeted in four distinct pieces of jewelry:
A. The Necklace Round
B. The Scepter Run
C. The Glittering Tiara
and D. The Rummagen Trinket

GEMSTONE Reaches Master Map

Sick Blue is not Nauseating!

It is difficult to prove this via a non color aligned screen. But the wonderful GW color Nauseating Blue, which has been OOP for years has no successor. Sick Blue from Vallejo is close but not close enough, it is just a bad stand in. To get the original seasick color is near impossible. Even the boss of my local GW store ran out of his private stock he kindly wanted to share.
But alas! the small independent store in the great beer brewing metropolis of Einbeck, Lower Saxony, had a cache of 6 barrels, 5 still being good!

My mighty Chapter of the Aquamarines is saved from becoming patchy!

Rausina 23: Victory to the Dark Gods!

“Tzeentch misled the enemy as to our strength!

Slaanesh seduced them to strike without thinking!

Khorne led us to spill their blood!

Nurgle will fester in their wound and open the it for the glory of chaos undiveded to spread though the rapture in space we are about to conceive!

All glory to the Gods of Chaos!”

Vanetsch through his microphone to one of the many servants on the bridge of his capital ship.

The gods had made victory hard, he had only barely survived. The ship was clinging on to reality on its last threads and it would take hours and thausands of slaves to put out all the fires and get steering again.

The alliance of the corpse emperor, slaneeshs playtoys and the naive and unknowing was down on its knees. He Lord Vanetsch, glorious leader of the undivided Battlefleet and Emmisarry extraordinanry of his pestilensic majesty would make sure that everyone on the puny iceball called Rausina would know it. They would canker the glory of Nurgle, and then the planet would be ripped into the nether, opening the floodgates to let chaos straight into the gemstone reaches!

Rausina 23: Rausina has to Fall

Spilling blood on the ground is a sastisfying thing. Praising the Lord Khore in all it Glory. The warmaster was about to indulge in that too. But later.  The remnant chaos marines had assembeld near the landingsite of the relive column of imperial forces that had come to the icy mainworld of the system. Successfully his brethren had contained the follower of the corpse emperor in their landingfield area. The nightlords also were effective  in subdueing almost all of the original garrison that defended the planet. A long war guerillia war of atrition had seen to that. 

Now was the time to finish it! No, he corrected. It was the time to start it all! The Fall of Rausina, the Fall of  the Reaches, the Fall of the Ultima Segmentum!

Being able to strike from the skies while bringing small amounts of troops in via the opening portal would culminate in a final scything everything living to lay it before the altar of the dark gods. What the eldar, tau and human who still had a puny presence on the planet did not know, the great streams of chaos, the mighty khorne, slannesh, nurgle and tzeench had combined their might and send there heresy battlefleets to make sure they all could use the portal that Rausina was. Only a thin line of light was keeping the chaos undivided from achieving total victory!